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Welcome to Rosie Mac Intuitive Coaching

"What you seek is seeking you"... Rumi


Embodied Conscious Living

Imagine being empowered with the tools and insights needed to cultivate a more mindful, connected, and fulfilling life. 


Join us for a 12 week transformative journey to path of Self Mastery, Confidence and Authenticity.

Rosie's 1:1 Coaching

How would it feel to find a coach who empowers you to be the best version of you, Period?


I am an Intuitive Coach who is passionate about empowering you to step into your authenic power. No matter where you are on your journey, I promise to meet you exactly where you are. 

Working with me will propel you forward as we uncover any blind-spots and create a strategy so you can expand into your greatness. I will walk beside you, hold your hand and help you find what you're looking for through my intuitive skills and energy-clearing sessions.

You will learn practical and useable skills that enable you to create the life you desire. 

And you will be empowered as I share with you, how to do the work for yourself. Whenever you're ready, you can take flight!

Here's a snippet of what people say about working with me:

Rosie is a gifted intuitive healer and artist. Her processes for healing wounds, trauma and pain are easy, gentle and powerful. They work ALL OF THE TIME! Rosie is amazing!

Anasuya I. USA

     My session with Rosie Mac was amazing! She created such a safe and comforting space for the session that I felt completely at ease and she was able to facilitate the movement of so much energy. She was totally tuned into what I was experiencing and was able to guide me in much deeper than I was expecting. This resulted in a very deep and revealing session that gave me plenty of insight and much to reflect on. This was a very effective way of engaging in my grief with the intention of softening the harshness I feel within myself as a result of this grief. Thank you so much Rosie, for this amazing session.


  Chriss, Australia

     During my energy clearing session with Rosie, my awareness depend and expanded. It was my first experience with an Intuitive and Akashic Records reading. Even though it was new to me, it felt very safe. Rosie was able to deliver very specific messages in a calm supportive and loving manner. Since our session I have found a new level of peace in my life when dealing with my own fears and with others. I highly recommend working with Rosie for clearing blocks, tapping into your true nature, and gaining a deeper connection to yourself and the universe all around us.


  Tyler, USA 

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