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Soul Dolls Workshop Private Event for RED TENT Attendees only


Soul Doll.jpg

Soul Dolls are wee bundles of gathered joy!

Each Soul doll emerges from the hands of the maker who has tapped into their unique world of imagination and story. As your Soul doll takes shape and form, a special energy grows between you, potentially unlocking connection with your inner worlds, creating your Soul Doll becomes a journey of discovery. It is in this ‘flow’ state during the creative process that important insights into self may be received.

Art making acts at the level of the spirit because art is the language of the spirit!


Making your Soul doll can be a beautiful healing process that may be powerfully moving in nature. When you create a Soul doll you are reflecting the loving spirit that moves through your heart, mind and hands to show or teach you something. Your Soul doll becomes infused with your energy as you create with the materials and bring her into this world. It is not about making a perfect form.. it is all about the qualities of your materials that invites you, the maker, to play with what is in front of you  (the critic is given full permission to just toddle off!).

Inclusion of gathered organic matter brings a certain sacredness to the creative process. Know as "ecological spirit", others may think of this in the dimension of shamanism. The Soul doll has a gentle way of teaching you how to listen deeply to these energies which may guide and inspire your artistic creation.


The changing seasons offer us unique gifts: seedpods, flax flowers, feathers, sea shells. These gathered or found organic items will add meaning and story to your Soul doll. Her completed form will be a talisman of your connection to nature, intuition and creativity.

 This is an invitation into your own field of consciousness, your innate CREATIVE force and encourages you to share the most vital of aspects of yourself through creative self-expression, allowing you to step into your own power and authority.

Rosie Mac


This is an invitation for you.. for you to celebrate LOVE as being the fabric of the Universe, in all its forms, and leads you to honour the Sacredness of that which is yourSELF!


Your investment: $89.00 (normally $125)

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