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Rosie Mac

Certified Intentional Creativity© Artist & Facilitator
“Intentional Creativity© is a magical way of navigating both the internal and external journey of life, an expansion of the world view where possibility abounds"

My Story

I chose nursing as a career and spent 42 years working in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. A nudge to paint as a form of self-care emerged in 2012 and despite being told I couldn’t draw when I was 14, I nervously “had a go”. I did almost two years of part time classes doing landscapes and still life, but something seemed to be missing.  

I wanted something more but didn’t know what that was and painting from a photograph didn't provide the creativity I was looking for. 

I then began taking different classes in different mediums and techniques at The Drawing Room in Christchurch to explore and expand my creative side. The classes were both fun and satisfying.

In 2013 a chance encounter on Facebook with a newly graduated Intentional Creativity© Facilitator Denise Daffara of Australia and subsequent introduction to Kerry Lee, from the San Francisco Bay area, USA introduced me to Intentional Creativity©. This method of art had heart, and I was completely captivated by its mystery and magic. It was “an aha moment” when the light went on! I decided to undertake the nine-month Intentional Creativity© Teacher Training so that I could share the method with others.

The next few years was a very personally difficult period in my life. My two brothers died of cancer within a year of each other, and I sustained a head injury, subsequently developing ongoing concentration issues. 

"I can honestly say that I would not have been able to navigate that time in my life if I hadn’t had the compass of Intentional Creativity© and the wonderfully supportive group of like- minded women in the Intentional Creativity© community.
Bringing mindfulness and intention to the art process created a different perspective and experience for me"

I am proud to call myself a Visionary Artist and Intentional Creativity© Facilitator and am now sharing my passion for a process that needs no previous experience that anyone with an open heart and an open mind can do.

Rosie Mac

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