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ARISE - A Conscious Awakening Through a Cosmic Lens

This Class is a wonderful collaboration between Tania Magennis (Seer of The Heart) and Rosie Mac (Heartspace by Rosie Mac), both of whom are Intentional Creativity ® teachers who  have a great desire to offer experiences through creative expression to navigate life in a way where possibility abounds!


$480.00 NZD

You are invited to join us on an EPIC Cosmic Painting Journey where we explore our place in the world AND the grandeur of the UNIVERSE and BEYOND...

In this class we will be covering AWARENESS of Consciousness in depth, and how this interacts with your Mind AND your Heart's Intelligence, AND is related to all things around you! 

We will explore the concept of your OWN Vibration and how you actually can vibrate in SYNC with the energy of the Universe..... that you are an important part of the fabric that weaves the whole of the Universe and it wouldn’t be the same without YOUR presence.


We offer many opportunities for self discovery and EXPANSION of your humanness and the pure potential that we all carry within us, often untapped and unexplored...that we ARE in fact, "cooling sacks of stardust" (Sue Hoya-Sellars) and our MATTER, matters...

We celebrate LOVE in all its forms, and lead you to honour the Sacredness of that which is yourSELF!


And we show you how patterns of the universe can be seen repeating, integrating, and unfurling all around us, as Sacred Geometry and as we view the MACRO and the MICRO that makes up this most fascinating place where we dwell.....that is the UNIVERSE of our current experience in this form as a human BEING!


So get out your rose coloured glasses and your blue suede shoes as we invite you to join us in a Cosmic Dance across the marvel of what we all call 

"THE UNIVERSE", through the stars and the Milky Way, as we see with new perspective how we BELONG to this great cosmic frontier.


As well as a painting journey, this class offers many deep dives into your internal landscape of self- discovery through rich and tangible journaling prompts.


Wheel and heartbeat.jpeg


Consciousness is a FUNDAMENTAL force of the universe.....It is a CREATIVE force and many of us are only just starting to identify and recognise what the POWER of this actually means!

Where are YOU in terms of your own journey of raising your Consciousness?

We show you HOW to have a coherent union between heart-brain-spirit and give you tangible ideas and suggestions of how you can maintain this in every day life! We examine what shifts we can make in our actions and behaviour as well as our thinking....and why CARING for others, doing random acts of KINDNESS and having COMPASSION for our fellow human beings is such a big deal!

To bring about change, we need to look for NEW ways of doing something, rather than simply fighting against the old way.

Is Life happening to you? Or are YOU happening to Life?


Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a list of suggested MATERIALS along with a WELCOME LETTER that connects you to the VIMEO platform to access  50 video clips that make up this class.

You will have unlimited access to over 12 hours of footage that have been created mindfully to allow for processing and journalling time in-between each segment. All videos are downloadable and the class includes a deep Guided Visualisation experience. There are also links to articles and other speakers that contribute to the material being presented.

You will also be invited to join the private Facebook group called : "Intentional Awakening" where you can share your progress, join up with others doing the class and receive any technical, painting or emotional support or to ask questions about the process.

Questions? CONTACT:


Rosie and Tania first met in the Virtual world in 2015, and then in person when sharing an apartment together in Melbourne, Australia while doing an in-person Leadership Lab called PRISM in 2018, with Shiloh and Jonathan McCloud, founders of the Intentional Creativity® movement. This was where Shiloh and Jonathan talked about the collision of art and quantum physics - 8 modules over 4 days.

Rosie and Tania shared many interesting conversations over the period and when shopping for wine one evening, came across a pinot noir called "Down the Rabbit Hole!" - PERRRRFECT, and not a bad drop either! Of course, this then prompted a few more bottles to be purchased, which amused Jonathan immensely!

There have since been many visits down the rabbit hole shared in this continued connection of Muses and exploration of WONDERLAND - our Subconscious mind....


At the deepest level, your heart knows that you are a Divine Soul having a Human experience.


In this offering of "ARISE- a Conscious Awakening through a Cosmic Lens" we take a look at what it means to be connected to your SOURCE energy and HOW your thoughts, behaviours and emotions SHAPE YOUR REALITY.

What ARE the stories that you have been telling yourself? What DO you truly believe? What are your Heart's deepest desires? What is blocking you from reaching your full potential?

This is about moving BEYOND the light and the shadow...this is about claiming ALL the multifaceted aspects of SELF!

What if there were no BAD or GOOD feelings? What if  ALL emotions were your allies that provide you with a system of offering you "inside" information?

We look at the difference between LOW vibration and HIGH vibration and how can you focus on what is in the best interest for your Higher SELF AND also why is developing and maintaining good RELATIONSHIPS so important.

How "common" people operate in "uncommon" ways - in order to contribute to, and actualize the best of Humanity and be all that we can be as a collective...

If we think of Human History for a moment, we can see that we (humans) have played out the same story over and over again - to the detriment of ourselves and this precious planet that we live on.......NOW IS THE make the changes required to enable us to step into the future, with confidence and fearlessness.....and make changes with CONSCIOUNESS and pave the way for those who follow us!

Imagine what could be possible when you make the CHOICE to co-create with the Universe and be the author of your OWN story!




































Join Tania Magennis and Rosie Mac on this journey of Cosmic exploration to discover the true nature of your pure potential.....​

Throughout this journey, 2 very different painting styles continually move the Cosmic lens from Macro to Micro..... doing the same process, each step of the way. 


There is no denying that the journaling required is BIG, and is a commitment to showing up to yourself FOR yourself, in order to make some VERY real shifts!

This class offers you the potential to truly experience connection with the Universe and beyond and to embody creating a NEW Soul Matrix through your creative expression. 

We explore the nature of Universe and how YOU ARE A REFLECTION of that nature, and that you are intrinsically woven together. How LOVE is the fabric of the Universe and that resonance is the glue that binds will feel yourself being called home.....home back to your AUTHENTIC TRUE SELF!!! 

The Self that was born to live a Life of Infinite Possibilities within the Quantum Field of Pure Potential..........


What others are saying:

"Wow what an incredible journey this was and I thank you both for allowing me to be part of this beautiful collaboration.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process from each of you.


Each segment that was presented opened up new learning and new ways of seeing myself and the world around me.  I enjoyed the additional information provided following many of the workshop themes, so much information provided. 

I loved the way in which you both were enjoying the mystery of creating and you did this with enthusiasm and fun.


  I love my painting, she's felt cosmic all along and I didn't know what she would end up like at all when we started, so I loved how she's has emerged. 


You both are very safe and easy-to-follow teachers.  I cant thank you enough for this opportunity." 


Moana  (Australia)

i AM Pure Potential.jpeg
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